Bill Moore

As Founder and Pastor of Livingway Family Church, Published Author, Production Director, Recording Artist and Songwriter, Dr. Bill Moore has done it all! In seven short years, Pastor Moore took a 40-member congregation to over 2000 members ready to reach the local community! Under his passionate leadership, Livingway Family Church extends the love of God to the youth of their community through education and fun – right down to the go-cart track and swim center they’ve made available!

But this isnʼt his first experience with rapid growth: As co-pastor of a church in a small town of 650 people, Dr. Moore and his wife Anne facilitated the building of a 700-seat auditorium debt-free and then filled it to capacity!

And heʼs about to do it again. Livingway Family Church just planted a satellite church in the neighboring community of McAllen, TX! Through his television program, Jubilee, and the Fire In The Valley conferences, which target the Rio Grande Valley, Dr. Moore has been reaching out to his area of the world for over a decade. He believes the fields of South Texas are ripe unto harvest – and he believes your fields are ripe as well!

His innovative ideas for church planting, promoting church growth and building without the burden of debt make Pastor Moore a valuable resource to any church on the move. But it’s not all logistics that Pastor Moore has to offer: he’s also an inspiring speaker, passionate about growing daring leadership. He offers valuable insight into topics from marriage to the spirit of fear revolving around our current economic condition. All of his messages promote the growth of believers individually as well as corporately.

If your vision is for increase and proactivity, consider extending an invitation to Dr. Bill Moore! You can check out his website at

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What others are saying about us

A little update on the food bank drive. We figured with money given and groceries donated from people and the store, we had about $10,000 dollars worth. It took eight pickups to deliver it. That one made the newspaper! Attendance of the last few weeks has been packed out and we have to add some new chairs. One week we had over 25 visitors from the community. So God is definitely drawing people. I must admit I was also happy to see all of our late comers not able to find a seat.

– Pastors Duane & Judy Grant

Bill Moore is a significant and contemporary voice for the flow and move of God in a post-modern age and culture. His message is relevant to the times, and relevant to the gospel.

His work in the Rio Grande Valley has made a tremendous impact on the region because of his apostolic influence and his prophetic directive. He is keenly aware of the dynamics of the Holy Spirit and is quick to sense what wants to emerge in the days that we are living in. His heart is for the local church and the influence it is intended to have on a community.

I encourage you to make room for his gift in your world and allow him to add value to what you are doing in your sphere of influence. His word will be fresh, timely, and appropriate for where you are and where you intend to go.

– Dr. Mark Chirrona

Pastor Bill Moore is one of God’s choice, anointed and relevant voices to this generation. He is a man of uncommon vision, integrity, humility and Holy Spirit anointing and power – whose passion will inspire and bless you and your church beyond measure. I wholeheartedly recommend his ministry of excellence and power to you without reservation.

– Morris Cerullo

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Bill Moore since the early 1990’s when he accompanied me on a missions trip. Something I saw in him so many years ago is one of the great qualities that still abound in this servant leader today; courage!

– Danny Chambers

Over the years I’ve seen Bill step out in faith and risk it all for the high call of God to reach the lost at any cost. It’s a powerful thing to watch faith in God bring great dreams to pass.

Of all the things I admire most in Bill it’s his role as husband & father. His family has not merely stood behind him, they’ve come along side and carried his vision as their very own. Many pastors place their family in the last category of attention, yet when I step into any environment with Bill & his family there’s abundant joy, creativity, and laughter!

Bill Moore has been an inspiration to countless thousands over the years. And I remember reading somewhere that “if your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” Bill Moore has done that & continues to evolve as a positive voice to many generations!

– Danny Chambers

It is a pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Pastor Bill Moore.  Pastor Moore is a frontrunner in taking the message of Christ to a generation who needs to hear it the most!   In addition to pastoring a great church in Brownsville, Texas, he has a heart to mentor young people in becoming successful in every area of their life.

He preaches with a zeal and excitement that stirs faith and takes listeners to a new level in their walk with Christ.   His recent book, Show Us The Father, is a significant teaching that can impact every person who desires to be a spiritual force to reckon with in these last days.   Pastor Moore is also an anointed minister who hears the voice of the Holy Spirit, and accurately follows in speaking the prophetic word to those who are crying out to God for His touch.

He is a favorite speaker here at Generations Church, and would be a blessing to every church he is invited into.  I know our church is forever changed by the ministry of Pastor Bill Moore.

– Pastor Albert Hale